The heart is a Labyrinth, Beware construction!

Just a quick mural that I finished recently, the inspiration flowed very well.


Just a couple of things that I’ve been working on.  I messed up the interlocking canvases that I was working on… if only I had drawn them out first on some sort of paper with a regular grid. I wish they made such a thing, it would make planning and building things sooooo much easier. 😉  Oh well, graph paper on the way, I’ll work it out soon. The snow is almost gone, I saw my first robin yesterday, and I’ve got a handle on the next wave of the SWARM!! I’m also about to start working on the set for Ben Hayden’s new movie Agophobia, which I’m starting to get excited about.  Also planning some stuff out for mold making in infra-crete, and oh what a summer its going to be!

But here is some stuff!

coffee stains?

Coffee stains, boredom… you get the picture. Though i think I’ll play with it a bit more and see where it goes.

box doodles.

This one is about searching for polygons/pixels. I’ll see if I can find any “artefacts” in it.

Barring a visit from a friend, I have not much else to do for the next 6hours aside from building. Here’s to productivity!


Grinding along

After a lengthy period of being blocked, I’m finally working back in the studio on some interesting canvases. Might be because I’m ready, or because its finally warm enough to get in there, though I still have to bring stuff into my living-room so that the glue will set properly.  Only -4 today, that means that i have about 15 minutes to glue everything before the glue is denatured and won’t stick for crap.

Thing is, I don’t really know what to put on them. I have this plan to finish the group and then just hang them all up together in my room and see if they start speaking to me.  I’m not a huge fan of the whole reductive sculptor idea of “letting the sculpture out of the stone” but that’s probably just reactionary.

I know that i’m going to carry on the narative of the swarm, using design elements to display in a sort of comic book fashion.. only better this time. I’m actually thinking of adding more narrative and graphic elements while maintaining intentional design tensions- I mean. lol

Oh yeah, almost forgot: After having a pretty cursory conversation about the “white box” issues around showing in a gallery, I wanted to write a bit more about my thoughts. I figure that there has really been enough angst about the implications of showing in a blank,  purpose-built space or on a plinth, or in a sketchbook. There are places needed for some art that are devoid of contextual meaning. Places that allow a piece to exist in a sort of interstitial universe unto itself. Admittedly, such a place completely devoid of contextual meaning is an impossibility (unless you can create something like a new universe). That’s why we sort of collectively agree to set aside such an interstitial universe and decide to agree that the plinth, and the white wall paid for by the taxpayers and the cover of the sketchbook are meaningless and that the piece exists in a tabla rasa. These are places that are set aside and culturally trigger our “willing suspension of disbelief”. Much like the TV or parliament. Anyway,  we should use such places to display work when appropriate, they are a tool with which to present concept without pollution and they (ideally) prime the viewer’s mind for honest interpretation.

Better get out there though. Its not going to stay cold forever.

Doodles. Do-do doo

So I’ve been doodling alot lately, messing around with concepts, inks and materials, shapes, and even plotting some of the beginning parts of possible commissions. Here are some of the drawings I’ve done this week.

dragon #489

So add this to the stack of sketchbooks with dragons, its the first time I’ve done one with this kind of knotwork…

swirl and leafs

Trying to work out a new swirling thingy, probably inspired by Adriane of the Mandalas 🙂

dirty swirly

More work on big spiral ideas… experimenting with depth through cool/warm colors, still not there.



Silly drawing from D&D, playing with a friend’s Copics


nordic/calgarian/dayof the dead style.  symbols are loaded.

As the title says, I’ve been pretty uninspired lately, until last night. My practice has seemed unimportant, besides being blocked, and this might be because of my annual reaction to the seasons, or it might be some sort of life-issues. I’m smoking more, anyway. I’ve been talking to a bunch of art types that really seem to be the tip of a Calgary art scene that I feel a kinship with, and its been wonderful. Had a really great conversation about how artists really need to be proud of their art, to push it, talk it up, and never succumb to the innate appologist that so many artists seem to have within them. Inspiring words… Here’s the drink’n’drawing!


I like it better rotated like THIS though:

More soon!

Its nice to see the family, especially all the little ones… though I think I’m glad I’m not the dad, lol. I’m sitting at a cafe on Whyte Ave and waiting for some friends. I’ve been working on applications for residencies across Canada, and wondering if somehow a gallery show will randomly materialize. Probably not, I’m not magically oriented.

I’ve been making some rather good work… I quantify that by defining success as meeting my production/completion goals and selling a painting here and there.

I’ve been working on the sequel to the SWARM!!, and its already lost the simplicity of the original. I’m a bit leery of this because SWARM !! is supposed to be simple, easily readable and advance my ideas and research into aesthetics without my getting bogged down in the complexity of year-long projects (I’m looking at YOU telemek 3 *jerk*). If my heater fails before I can finish telemek 3, I’m counting on my friends to stop me from setting it alight. Not even kidding.

But the simplicity of construction and composition is really a strong point for the SWARM. But as you know, my natural inclination is to complexity… and the new drawings are on the lean side of the middle between a telemek and a swarm. How about if I promise that if the new project goes over-budget time-wise, the one after it will gravitate back to the lovely minimalism of SWARM. Deal?

Solstice blood-moon

Winter solstice, full moon eclipse, almost X-mas. And I’ve had a lovely celebration. I’m in the planning stages of the next in the swarm series, and I’m incorporating some new beasties. What happens to the idyllic world after the creatures that dwell within it have started meddling with that which dwells beyond the veil? As much as they peek into the nether world, perhaps the nether-world was looking back! So from whence these new emissaries?

Also, I’m trying to work out a four-part canvas… its harder than you’d think. Well, its harder than I’d think.

Will Rice is a sculptor and painter with a BFA from Calgary, Alberta, Canada