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Will Rice is a Canadian Sculptor and Painter who uses many organic and recycled materials in his work to produce blended contemporary abstractions of the natural and artificial world. Will’s work is gestural, figurative and abstract, yet also calculated and algorithmic. He creates luscious mechanical landscapes that possess all of the benchmarks of modern consumer icons and still seem composed of shapes that come of a dreamy natural evolution. The many crisp layers and hidden depths of the pieces capture the eye and evoke a hunger for understanding and further experience. Will captures and explores the concept of material and consumption – Are feelings of longing for objects related to functionality, or is that just an excuse? Will is a fabrication/painting style artist with experience in Sand, Snow and Ice carving, a history of sight specific installation, and a preference for making art that is intimate, complex, and sometimes sophisticated. He is available for commissions of painting and sculpture, and shows at several Galleries. He also builds sets for department stores and theatrical productions.

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