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Just a couple of things that I’ve been working on.  I messed up the interlocking canvases that I was working on… if only I had drawn them out first on some sort of paper with a regular grid. I wish they made such a thing, it would make planning and building things sooooo much easier. 😉  Oh well, graph paper on the way, I’ll work it out soon. The snow is almost gone, I saw my first robin yesterday, and I’ve got a handle on the next wave of the SWARM!! I’m also about to start working on the set for Ben Hayden’s new movie Agophobia, which I’m starting to get excited about.  Also planning some stuff out for mold making in infra-crete, and oh what a summer its going to be!

But here is some stuff!

coffee stains?

Coffee stains, boredom… you get the picture. Though i think I’ll play with it a bit more and see where it goes.

box doodles.

This one is about searching for polygons/pixels. I’ll see if I can find any “artefacts” in it.

Barring a visit from a friend, I have not much else to do for the next 6hours aside from building. Here’s to productivity!



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