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One week of work later, the swarm has taken over my world. Who knows how long they will be here, or what their intentions are, but I do know that despite the unfamiliarity of their being, they seem… mostly benign. While I’m still not comfortable with the ever shifting forms that they manifest, I am deriving, dare I say, a certain… pleasure from their presence. Maybe on some unfamiliar level, I don’t actually WANT them to leave. It is perhaps this revelation that shifts the uneasiness within me, like ripples in a deep subterranean pool of pitch.


And so, they are coming along. My initial timeline of 2 weeks was pretty much dead on, but my IRL timeline of 1 week is totally blown. Oh well, not a big deal as it was a self-imposed deadline. I’ve proved to myself that I can work steadily and at all hours for at least a week on my own work. There are moments when I want to say screw it, but as the dude from Metal Motivation says, “whatever it is that you choose to do, always remember: DON’T SUCK”, lol.


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So THIS is what I’m doing with the 15:

and I think that’s enough for now. time for the sleepening.

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Earlier in the fall, end of August, maybe, I did a piece for my friend Summer in Van. She’s a pretty awesome friend who welcomed me into her home in a way that was really above the call of duty. It looks kind of like this:

… the crazy part about this piece (even though its not my personal favorite), is that I completed the entire thing in about 6 hours. There is something refreshing about doing a piece that fast; sort of like those 30 second drawings some art teachers are so fond of. And so, in light of this revelation, I give you:

FIFTEEN new wooden canvases. How did I go from 1 small canvas done in one day to FIFTEEN? I don’t know, though several platitudes about nothing is worth doing unless its uber spring to mind. So yeah… I know basically what I’m doing for the next couple weeks. I’ll have to get some more images of the work that I’ve been doing for HR for the last three weeks. But for now, I’m going to raid all my sketchbooks ever scribbled in so that I can fill these canvases up.

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