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So I went to a festival called Astral Havest, a great little party put on by great people in a great location. I was graciously asked to contribute, and the following images are the result. I decided to make this piece after Goldsworthy, but I’m lazy and because of the context, the completely ephemeral was inappropriate. Organic twine, salvaged wood from a cut-block, slave-… ahem, friend-labor. It all went pretty smoothly, but for the no-see-ums everywhere… and the dub-step… shudder.

I’ll have to post more pix of the finished project when I get them. The concept is that this is a portal. Into where? One theory is that it leads to a parallel world where everything is the same except that there are no people. Anyone want to risk jumping through? Didn’t think so (I WAS at a music festival, lol)

Special thanks to SK, and PT, and honorable mention to the other monkey slaves.


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