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But an update. The Resination (heh) is going well. I’m on the third batch, and there will be two more after it. Its warm out, and summer is happening, still single, lol. Just about to go for a run though, so I’m keeping this short. I’m heading up to Astral Harvest 2010, a music festival near lesser slave lake. I’m going to do something along the lines of Andy Goldsworthy, and his nature art. only not quite as pure and natural as he would do… Art is fun, and its giving me an excuse to party this summer. We’ll see.  (my new catch-phrase)… oh yeah, I got a job at mec. Its a pretty fun place to work. I’m off, more later!


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Earmark This:

So I’m making some progress. Well, when am I not? Telemek3 is slowly nearing completion. Tomorrow will be the first day that is warm enough and the first day that I’ve had a break from my several part time jobs to actually pour resin. I think it’ll take 3 pours to get everything. maybe 4. Here is a picture of a pile of stuff:

pile of stuff

and here is a pile of stuff after about 6 months and 30 or so hours of work:

pile of painted and finished stuff

So yeah. This is the genesis of a Telemek. Believe it or not, i’ve actually streamlined some major parts of the process. Here’s my resin “tent”, which I keep inflated to around 15 psi with filtered air so that its dust free. Its so small to maintain the airpressure, but the next one I build will definitely be taller.

this tent is TOOOOO small!

I will only be able to pour what you see here tomorrow because of curing time. Maybe I can build another tent. but my bench is really the only workspace I have right now. No way I’m pouring resin inside the house. But, I’ve invented a bed of nails that should make the job of resin-ating easier.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with friends, doing normal after-work stuff. And yeah, I know its good for me, and these relationships are important, but it feels like I’m letting myself down. Telemek3 has taken FAR too long. And at the moment I’m not sure why, though I can certainly think of many excuses.

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